Ok, so as I previously mentioned, here is where you will be able to find links to all of my published works. This will be the most exhaustive post as I will be doing a little back linking to some older stuff. In the future there will be just be shorter, quick posts with links to articles.

First there is the ReligiousLife@MU blog, I will not bother listing the different articles for that site as there are way too many and if you click the above link, or the link in the blogroll, you will be able to see that a majority of the posts to that site are by me.


This is the blog for CNS I recently started writing for this blog and will continue to do so on a daily basis more or less. Here are my five published posts so far. (Look for two more to be published Monday as they have been submitted for review). This list will start with the most recent stories first:

Catholic News Service

CNS works as a wire service, therefore some of the links below will be take you to my article on a client publication’s website. Some of my articles for CNS have been added to the public site and some links will take you to the place they appear on the public site.

For my CNS articles each article will only be posted on this site once as a brief and once as a full article as sometimes only the brief is published by clients or the full is not published for a few days later as many clients are weekly publications. Some have bylines and some don’t, but I wrote everything I link to below. Here are the articles I have done so far. Again this list will start with the most recent articles first.

( * )= I was one contributor out of more than one writer

So there it is, all of my work since joining CNS, again, these posts will be much shorter in the future, simply listing the one or two articles/blog posts I had published that day.

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