Many people ask me, “Where can I read your stuff?” Now there is a central place that can take you to my published work, right here.

I contribute and direct two blogs at the University of Missouri thanks to the help of the Center on Religion & the Professions.

The first one, which I direct, is called ReligiousLife@MU, it covers all religious happenings on campus in Columbia.

The second, which I help to design and administrate, and may soon begin contributing, is called, God, Media and More. The idea of that blog is to look at various current issues and events when it comes to how religion is covered and portrayed in the media.

For this summer, 2008, I have been honored with a wonderful opportunity to serve as an intern with Catholic News Service. This is a valuable experience of a lifetime. I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity.

CNS is a wire service, very few articles are published to our public site. However, many clients do publish the articles they choose to put in their papers to their websites.

In addition to having articles published to the wire, I also contribute to the CNS Blog.

As my career continues forward I will notify readers of all new positions I undertake.

The purpose of this blog is to provide a central place where friends and family, and others, can find my work.

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