While I’m having a really wonderful time here at Conception, I really enjoyed going back to Columbia for our first “off-campus” weekend in September. I had to opportunity to go and see many of my friends from Mizzou, where I went to school for two years.

Friday night visited Shyrocks Farm Corn Maze. I went there the last two years with the Newman Center. This year went with a group of friends. All three years I had an amazing time, and this year I finally found all the clues and got all of the questions correct (Ok, fine, there were only 8 this year instead of 10, but it was still pretty cool). If you ever have the chance to visit this corn maze I highly recommend it, and you get a pretty good workout walking 4-5 miles around the maze.

Saturday was also awesome because I’ll was able to see my beloved Mizzou Tigers play some football. Even if it was Furman, nothing beats Big 12 football Saturdays, what a fun environment.

I remember after the MU-KU basketball game last year, thinking to myself, am I willing to give this up? At the time I said sure, I can do it.

After having been here for only six weeks I would still agree, it is totally worth it. As much as I would love to be able to go to every game, the rewards here greatly outweigh not being able to go to Mizzou games. At the same time, I will still go to games every chance I can.



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