A lot of people have asked me in the past months… “so are you giving up on journalism?”

To that my answer is always a resounding NO. As I wrestled with the idea of entering the seminary one of my biggest issues and reasons why I decided to enter was trying to find a balance between living out my Catholic faith at the same time as my passion for journalism.

I did some work for mainstream coverage of religion as well as Catholic Press. Up to this point what I have discerned is that the best way for me to approach journalism would be as a Catholic priest. I feel that this way there are no hidden biases or anything like that, and I can freely live out my faith, while at the same time continuing to produce journalism product.

Obviously right now I don’t know exactly how that will play out, but that’s not my biggest concern. I know that I will have the opportunity to use my gifts and passion for journalism to help the church.

Fortunately, I will still have the opportunity to practice and develop some of these skills while at Conception. The school has a quarterly magazine, Web site, and Facebook page.

The Department of Communications and the new “CSC Newsies,” will cover all seminary events, just as journalists would cover events for a local paper. We then send all photos and stories to the Director who will determine where to publish them, with most of them ending up on the Web site.

To me the idea of being able to give these gifts back to the Church for the purpose of New Evangelization, the term used by previous popes and my role model John Cardinal Foley, of Philadelphia, brings me great joy.

From time to time I will post links to some of my work published by Conception as they also give insight as to what goes on at the seminary.

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