When I told friends that I was entering the seminary many wondered what exactly that meant. Some wondered if seminary was at all like “regular college.” While there are some differences, the annual academic schedule is very similar, which means that last week we had Thanksgiving break.

Since my parents live in New Jersey, and that’s a bit of a drive (20+ hours), I decided to settle for the much more humane, 6 hour drive, and went to visit family up in Wisconsin. After a wonderful couple of days visiting with my aunts, uncles and cousins, I headed to Columbia.

My first night in Columbia was spent visiting with my godfather, which included a trip to one of (if not the) my favorite restaurants in Columbia. What restaurant is that you ask? Tony’s. I could eat their Gyros everyday. This fondness for Tony’s Gyros comes from my parents, my father grew up in Columbia, and my mother lived there for a few years after they got married. Both are big Tony’s fans.

Saturday was spent watching the Mizzou-KU football game. My best friend and roommate last year had been studying abroad this semester, but due to variations in seasons/schedules, was back in the United States, and came up to Columbia to watch the game.

It was a lot of fun to reconnect with a good friend and watch a decent football game with a great outcome, for those that were not aware, the TIGERS WON!

Sunday, I slept in, and then went to Mass in Spanish at Sacred Heart, it’s nice to see such a vibrant Spanish community in our diocese. For those wondering, I’m half Ecuadorian, so yes I know Spanish and fully understood what was going on…Then it was back to school where we now face three more weeks of classes and finals until Christmas Break.

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