In addition to writing/blogging/online journalism one of my other hobbies is video making and taking photographs. While on break I have snapped quite a few photos on my trip through the Northeast, I’ve also been working on a video.

While the video is still in progress I’ll hope you all will get the chance to see it sometime soon. As I was working on this video I couldn’t help but laugh and remember that two years ago during my winter break I made another video which was shown at the Bishop’s Campus Ministry Forum. At the time I was a leader at the St. Thomas More Newman Center, and put together the video to show Bishop Gaydos during our meeting with him to review how things are going in campus ministry.

It’s nice to think about all that has changed in the past two years and all that hasn’t changed. That day was the first time I met Bishop Gaydos, and was one of the first times I got to meet folks from our diocese outside of Columbia. Two years later I’m a seminarian for this diocese, and very happy, proud, and grateful to be where I am now, and where I’ve been the last two years.

Here’s that video I was talking about…needless to say, I think I’ve improved some since then.

I’m not the only seminarian who enjoys making videos, Eric Martin is also a big fan of video editing…be sure to check out this awesome NCYC video he made in November:

One thought on “Editing some videos…

  1. Enjoyed the ameture videos……especially The Wave !
    also, I think I recognized Fr.Dan Merz in the crowd ?

    I’m not a computer whiz so my finding your ‘blog’ was a
    challenge for me.

    Just want you to know that I am praying for you men so that your journey to the priesthood is totally blessed.

    One suggestion, pray to your Mother Mary every day.
    You need her at your side to help you.

    Continue courageously…Evelyn (Cathedral Parish)

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