On my way to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve I received a phone call from one of my best friends, and former roommate at Mizzou. He explained that through a variety of circumstances he had a plane ticket he couldn’t use because he was back in Texas and not in Missouri, he asked if he could switch the ticket and come visit the Northeast. I grew up in St. Louis and then moved to New Jersey. I lived here for a while before returning to Missouri to attend Mizzou.

So my friend came up for New Year’s and the following weekend. He had never been to this part of the country so we did a quick tour. We went to Philadelphia, Boston and New York.

While they were a busy couple of days…they were certainly a lot of fun with some great memories.

I hope that everyone else was able to have an enjoyable, relaxing Christmas break as well.

Click here to see some of the photos I took from our adventures…

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