This weekend David Bauer and I will be joining our fellow junior classmates at Conception to embark on the annual adventure known as Hispanic Weekend. Every year the junior class travels to a hispanic parish to be immersed in the hispanic culture. The purpose of this is to help us as seminarians understand more about the hispanic culture. This is important because the hispanic community is growing so much in our Church.

Having grown up in an hispanic family I am not expecting to learn anything terribly earth-shattering about the culture. However, I hope that it will be a fruitful and enjoyable weekend. During part of the weekend we will be seeing some of the different programs within the parish. Having always lived in areas where the parish was not a hispanic parish this will be a great learning opportunity. I know there is still so much to learn about hispanic ministry.

Look for some more thoughts and pictures after the weekend.

Please pray for all the students participating as well as the parish and families that will be hosting us for the weekend.

One thought on “Hispanic Weekend

  1. This is wonderful Geoffrey. I am very proud of you.

    Pay attention to the details… you’ll find the great variety of differences in the Hispanic culture depending on the origin of the individual. Many similar traditions and many diverse.

    Be careful with your vocabulary. Ecuadorean and Castillian Spanish can be quite different from Mexican and Central American Spanish. What is perfectly correct in one Spanish-speaking country can be terribly offensive in others.

    ¡Que tengas buena suerte y aprende mucho!

    Tío Tayo

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