The seminarians at Conception will begin a three-day silent retreat tomorrow on Ash Wednesday. This means that we will not have internet access, nor will we want to have internet access since we will be focusing on the retreat itself. This also means that there will be no blog updates for a couple of days. Be sure to check back on the weekend to see how things are going. Or feel free to browse through past posts, in case you’ve only recently found our site and/or want to learn more about the lives of the Jefferson City seminarians.

Please pray for us during our retreat, as we will pray for that all who read these pages may have a blessed Lenten journey.

One thought on “Lenten retreat

  1. We have been praying for each of you as you entered your 3-day silent retreat. It was great getting to know you during the Retreat that we experienced as Deacon candidates/wives last week at Conception.
    We will continue to pray for you and ask that you pray for the 8 Men who will be ordained on April 17th in service to Christ and our Church.
    We look forward to seeing you at the VIP dinner

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