The seminary is no exception, just like everywhere else around the world, seminarians get excited about the Olympics. What a wonderful event to bring the world together. Although I must note that we don’t get to watch as much as others because we still have our seminary schedule. In fact later this week we will have a three-day silent retreat during which, there will be no Olympics, and that is by no means a complaint. I am very excited for the opportunity to grow closer to Christ during the three-day silent retreat.

On a related note, this morning I came across wonderful Olympic  story. It is a story about vocations. In 1998 during the Nagasaki Winter Olympics, then 17-year-old Kristin Holum burst on the scene, many thought she was ten years away from her prime. Now twelve years later, Holum will be spending the 2012 Olympics helping the poor in England as a member of the Franciscan Sisters of Renewal. I found the article on Yahoo! to be quite inspirational, be sure to check it out here, I hope you enjoy it as well.

Please pray for the safety of all those involved with the Olympics, athletes, volunteers and spectators, as well as for an increase in vocations to religious life.

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