On Friday June 11, many priests, deacons, musicians, RCIA directors, sisters and other parish and diocesan leaders gathered at the diocesan Pastoral Center for a workshop on the New Roman Missal and its future implementation. Several of the seminarians also attended this very important workshop.

The workshop was led by Fr. Dennis McManus, who is a member of the Pontifical Vox Clara commission of the Congregations or Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. The workshop consisted of a series of talks and lively discussions throughout the day. Some of the talks were focused on the actual changes in the text and why those changes were made, while other sessions focused on how to best implement this New Missal into the diocese.

Fr. McManus did a wonderful job of explaining many of the deep, complex linguistic and theological issues surrounding the changes which are expected to go into effect around Advent of 2011. He also seemed to lighten things up quite a bit with humorous stories from vast life experience.

The seminarians were glad to be able to attend such a workshop as the implementation of the New Missal will have a large effect on the future of the church.

Please pray for all those who are hard at work to make this process of transition as smooth as possible and for the openness of all the faithful to this change that it may strengthen our faith and the entire Body of Christ.

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