After the school year ended and after Fr. Dylan Schrader and Fr. Fran Doyle were ordained, I took two or so weeks of vacation to go and visit my family. My family still lives in New Jersey, I lived there for over seven years, since I am studying for the Diocese of Jefferson City, I am only able to visit them a few weeks each year.

This year we went camping in upstate New York. It was a wonderful opportunity to disconnect from the world, no internet, no cell phones, just nature. It was a very peaceful and relaxing time. I really enjoyed getting to spend time with my family as well. One thing my family loves to do is cook and eat. This is what led to me being a member of the Mizzou BBQ team during my time at MU. While we were camping we cooked over an open fire. The above picture is one of a Dutch Oven in the fire, inside the Dutch Oven was chicken. For whatever reason this was the only time that I took my camera out for the entire week, I guess I was trying to pass the time as the chicken cooked.

Now I am back at St. Patrick’s in Rolla where I have been assigned for the summer. So far it has been a great experience. The sense of community in this parish is very strong. I look forward to getting more settled and working with the parish staff and parishioners throughout the summer.

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