This morning the second reading for the Office of Readings was written by St. Cyprian, the topic was the Lord’s Prayer. In Today’s portion of the passage the focus was on the words “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

There was one part of this reading I found to be particularly moving:

“This is not that God should do what he wills, but so that we may be able to do what God wills. For who could resist God in such a way as to prevent him doing what he wills? But since the devil hinders us from obeying, by thought and by deed, God’s will in all things, we pray and ask that God’s will may be done in us. For this to happen, we need God’s good will – that is, his help and protection, since no-one is strong in and of himself but is kept safe by the grace and mercy of God”

As a seminarian and someone discerning a call to the Priesthood, I think a lot about what God’s will is in my life? how can I figure this out? How do I live out his will? It is the big question that all Catholics must wrestle with along their path to holiness. I found these words of St. Cyprian to be particularly helpful in terms of how one can approach discernment. The notion that we cannot prevent God from doing as he wills was the part that really hit home. This is an important lesson in humility, who are we to think that we are greater than God and therefore can stop him?

I hope that you all find this passage to be as helpful and moving as it was for me.

St. Cyprian…Pray for us

One thought on “God’s will and the Lord’s Prayer

  1. I love it. Being one who is entering formation in approximately 65 days for four years in hopes of being a sister, it hits me as it hits you. We must allow God to reach us how He may by being open to all the ways we can be reached, then follow. 🙂

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