Hey all, thanks for visiting the site. I tried something different and recorded a video message instead of typing something out, thought it might save a little time.

Please tell me what you think? Do you prefer the text updates, or is the video a good idea?

3 thoughts on “Summer video update

  1. Geoffrey,
    Nice job.. I think a mix of video and text is good.
    As your mother I love seeing/hearing you.
    Recommend different background next time, clean glasses and that you look up all the time.
    Having said all that…. NICE JOB! and good job on creativity by trying different media

  2. Hey Geoffrey,

    Well done! I recognize that what you did if harder than it looks. I’m sure you are being the toughest judge of how well the report turned out.

    Personally, I prefer the video reports (mostly because I’m a terrible reader). Since you asked, and I am a Montgomery Aspiazu, I feel obliged to give you my opinion…

    … you may want to stick your notes behind the web-cam… this way you’ll always be looking up…
    … watch you umms …
    … look livelier, record the next one standing up or sitting on a tall stool…

    Tío Tayo

    PS You look great with a beard.

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