Every year during the spring semester there is something known as the Clericus Cup, which takes place here in Rome. It is a soccer tournament between the different Pontifical Colleges and Universities. It is a full fledged tournament with 16 teams participating first in group play, and later a playoff.

The teams are comprised of seminarians and priests who come from all over the world to study here in Rome.

Last year the NAC’s very own North American Martyrs took home the cup, this year they are hoping to defend the title, in Italian, Verso la doppietta.

While I do not play for the team, as I’ve never really played soccer, I do enjoy being a part of the largest and loudest fan base at the Clericus Cup. Last year I attended most of the games and had a great time at all of them. It’s a great chance to have fun cheering on my classmates. Some of the men dress up in costumes. I usually wear a football jersey. We always have a lot of fun.

This becomes a great opportunity for the community to develop fraternity and have fun on Saturday mornings.

Today, we began the defense of the title. Things got off to a great start as the team won 6-0 over the Spanish College. The Clericus Cup posts photos from the games, today’s victory photos can be found here

Hopefully there are more victories to come this spring. Stay tuned.

Go Martyrs!

(UPDATE: The NAC won the Championship again!)

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