This morning I was installed to the Ministry of Acolyte in the Church along with 61 of my classmates. Archbishop Augustine Di Noia, O.P. celebrated the Mass. It was a great and very joyous day. I was fortunate to have some good friends with me to join this celebration.

In addition to my diocesan brother who is a deacon here at the NAC, my pastor is also in town participating in our Institute for Continuing Theological Education. It worked out to be great timing that his program overlapped with this celebration.

I was also very grateful that some of the Apostles of Sacred Heart of Jesus were able to attend as well. They are a women’s religious order with whom I have developed a strong friendship over the years and all over the world.

Here are some photos with me from today’s Mass. For the full set, click here.

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All photos credit: Christopher Brashears/PNAC Photo Service

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