Here at the NAC, much like any seminary, we have many traditions. There is one, two-part tradition that takes place on the day one arrives and the day one leaves. These traditions are respectively known as the clap-in and clap-out.

At these important moments of transition all of the other members of the College line the steps to greet or say goodbye to members of the community. It is always a beautiful site to see and helps to emphasize the importance of community for our College located far from home.

Today, we put a special twist on this tradition. We did a clap-out for the Cardinals. During the last few weeks many of the US Cardinals have been staying with us here at the NAC.

This morning they all left to move into the Domus Sanctae Marthae. All of the seminarians lined the drive way to give them a “clap-out.”

Here is a photo of me processing in for my clap-in when I arrived in 2011. I’m in the center of the background, the two guys in front just happened to be my only two other classmates at Conception Seminary College who came to the NAC with me, so for that reason I have always been somewhat fond of this photo.


Here’s the faculty waiting for us on the steps. The rector is in the middle, after marching up the steps we processed into the Chapel for prayer led by the rector himself.


Here’s a typical clap-out from last spring.


Below are two shots from today’s clap-out for the Cardinals. It was a really special moment and a beautiful view to see the rows of guys supporting the Cardinals.



All photos: PNAC Photo Service

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