If the election of the first Jesuit Pontiff wasn’t enough, now bring further evidence that is, “the year of the S.J.” (Even if I did have a wonderful visit with some Carmelites last month)

The Greg team won the annual NAC Softball Tournament!

Every year in the spring there we organize a softball tournament at the NAC. The teams are divided up by the universities where we complete our first cycle studies. It makes for a great afternoon of fraternity and relaxation.

For many years the students of the Angelicum have dominated this tournament.

Given that there are only three teams the “tournament” is organized into two games, first it was the Greg vs. the Santa Croce, followed by the winner taking on the Ange in the championship.

This year for the first time in along time, we, the students of the Gregorian emerged victorious.

It was a wonderful afternoon, perfect spring weather for softball. Truly a pleasant way to celebrate the day of the Lord’s resurrection during this Easter Season.

As we buckle down now in anticipation of our exams, it was a nice way to relax and have fun for a few hours.


Photos: PNAC Photo Service/Christopher Brashears

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