Last week was the week known as “diaconate week” here at the NAC. That’s because forty-one of our 4th year men were ordained to the diaconate last Thursday. The celebration is absolutely stunning and the week is a lot of fun for the ordinandi. The rest of the house help pitch in to make sure its a memorable week for the men getting ordained. I helped by taking photos at many of the events. To see the photos be sure to check out our flickr page. My photos are the ones with “GB” in the file name. You’ll notice that there are photos by the other three photographers as well. I was blessed to be able to work alongside some really talented men.

Despite being back in Rome for a month, this week is our first week of “regular classes” at the university. We spent the month of September engaging in relevant pastoral workshops on preaching, pastoral counseling, hispanic ministry, and a week of silent retreat.

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