As you are already well, aware Monday was St. Patrick’s day. This year I had a special opportunity to celebrate unlike ever before, with the Irish!

One of my classmates at the Gregorian University is a seminarian from the Pontifical Irish College. He was very gracious in inviting me to join the college for their festivities.
The evening began first with solemn vespers including a thought-provoking homily on how St. Patrick can help teach us to live as Christians in the 21st century. After vespers we moved into a parlor for a concert of traditional Irish music. The songs were all in Gaelic, so while I must admit I didn’t understand the words, I can still say that it was quite beautiful. The songs were sung by a group of students from Ireland who had come to Rome on a sort of tour.

After the concert there were a variety of traditional Irish refreshments and foods. All in all, it was a great celebration. I am very grateful to have such opportunities to learn and share different cultures first hand, they are truly enriching experiences.

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