It’s been a terribly long time since I’ve posted, and a lot has happened since then. Most importantly, I’ve been ordained a priest.

Furthermore, I’ve also been named associate pastor of the Catholic Community of Pettis County. This includes Sacred Heart and St. Patrick’s Parishes in Sedalia, MO, as well as St. John’s in Bahner, MO. Additionally, we have a K-12 school, and I am responsible for hispanic ministry.

Lots of fun. Not sure how much I’ll post updates. But some have been asking for my homilies.

In general, I give my homilies without any notes. I do however type them up word for word in advance and (attempt) to memorize them. Thus the final product is often a little different than the prepared text, however the ideas and concepts are the same.

Some weeks, I don’t get around to typing out the homily word for word, in which case I won’t have anything to share on here.

I’ll quickly post some from the summer and fall.

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