After spending 6+ weeks in Sedalia, I finally returned to Rome to pack up my belongings. I had a wonderful two week visit, yes, I had to pack up my stuff, but I also got to say goodbye to so many great friends.

Here’s the pastor’s pen I submitted from afar…


Greetings from Rome! I am so sorry to be away from the parish for two weeks, especially at a time so full of important activities such as the Bazaar and homecoming. However, it was necessary that I come back, pack up  and ship all of my belongings back to Sedalia.

When I first began my assignment in Sedalia, Fr. Mark and I agreed it was best for me come to the parish first, get to know all of you, and then later go back and get my stuff. I am so grateful for the warm and gracious welcome I have received from all of you during my first six weeks in Pettis county. Your overwhelming support has made my transition back to America much easier. My heart is filled with gratutidue for such a supportive welcome and with hope for our future together as we continue to journey to Christ as we make the kingdom of God present in our precious part of the world. I look forward to my return to Sedalia with great anticipation. While I’ve been here I’ve been offering all of my daily Masses for all of you.

In addition to packing up my things, the other big “task” I have here is saying goodbye to many great friends. When many of you have asked me, “What did I like about studying in Rome?” My answer has never been, “the pasta,” but rather, “all of my friends from all over the world.” I was privileged to share a classroom with men and women, lay and religious, from over 43 countries during my time here. Many of whom I may never see again, or at least not, for many years as we all return to our home countries to witness to the Gospel in service of the Church, each in our own unique way.

One of the many lessons I learned from my friends is just how far and universal our Catholic faith is spread throughout the world. This Sunday, the Church renews her commitment to the spread of the faith, the missions, through this World Mission Sunday. It is a chance for us to give thanks and celebrate the hard work work of our brothers and sisters in Christ who work so tirelessly on missions throughout the world. Furthermore it is a chance for us to support them as they continue mission of witnessing to Christ’s love for humanity.

See you soon!

Fr. Geoff

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