During the month of September, we were blessed to have Pope Francis visit our country. During that time I wrote a pastor’s pen to help people get the most out of the experience.


By the time you’re reading this Pope Francis’ Apostolic journey to the United States will be nearly finished. However, as I write this note, his journey has just begun. So I cannot speak to the specifics of what he has said. After all, I can neither read minds nor predict the future. At the same time I would like to offer a few words for how it is that we can all benefit from the many graces of his visit.

First of all we can’t fall into the trap of thinking, “Philadelphia is far away.” No. We should be grateful that the Holy Father has chosen to visit our nation and culture, and we should listen to hear what he has to offer each of us. He may be speaking on the East Coast, but it’s our job to listen, and then make those words come alive here in Pettis County.

One of the difficulties we all face in our modern world is the need for the quick answer, the one-liner, the headline, the 140 characters in a tweet. Yet, if we are honest I believe we would all acknowledge that life is much more complicated and has much more depth. This is also true of Pope Francis’ message. So don’t remain satisfied or get caught up in only the tweets, headlines and catch-phrases of this week. Take time to read the entirety of Pope Francis’ speeches and talks. This will help you to get a better understanding of what he is saying to all of us. If you’re wondering where to find the texts, go to www.vatican.va, then click on logo for the Pope’s Apostolic Journey to Cuba and the United States. There you’ll find links to all of his public addresses. Thankfully, these addresses, like everything else on the internet, remain forever. So you can still go back and read them if you didn’t have time this past week.

Lastly a reminder that one of the great things about Pope Francis is that he is just that, Pope Francis. So while many might attempt to place our Holy Father into their camp, category, or label, we must do our best to ignore such attempts. For Pope Francis does not belong to the “left” or “right,” he is neither, “progressive” or, “traditional.” He is not a legislator or political leader, he humbly seeks one goal, to bring Christ to people and people to Christ.

Welcome Pope Francis! Thank you for coming to our great nation!

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