I will have physical ballots at the first two sessions of my new series or Catholic adult education class. However, I thought I’d also open up balloting on-line as well. I realize this means that people who might not attend the class can now vote. However, I presume on some level that the interests and desires of the general population will be similar to those of the actual attendees. As an additional measure, I plan on weighting the paper ballots coming from those in class. Paper ballots will be available for the first two sessions of class.

Furthermore, as I will explain in class tomorrow, the purpose of these ballots is for me to get an idea as the topics people want to hear about the most. I will composite the data and then make the final decision about the topics I will present and in which order etc. So in that vain, this on-line ballot only helps me to gather more information.

You can pick up to 5 topics. If there is another topic not on the list, please add it in the comments section of this post.

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5 thoughts on “Adult Education Class Topics – Ballot

  1. I won’t be able to attend Father Geoff, but am excited to read, and make use of, your resources.

  2. I am out of town until April but am following the posts & looking forward to joining the group when I return to Columbia.

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