Last night I was so grateful to see 40 people show up to the first session of my new Catholic adult education series. The best part for me was to see college students, adult professionals and retirees all sitting side by side, learning and sharing together.

Since it was the first night, I dedicated the first half to explaining my background in fundamental theology and what exactly I was hoping for everyone to get out of the class.

From there we started to talk about the first topic, Faith & Reason. We had a good discussion as a group, I was particularly impressed with some of the examples brought in from the different professional and scientific fields. The variety of ages and professional/education background should prove to be enriching for all.

Next week we will do a full treatment of sorts on the topic of Faith & Reason. This week we only talked about the issues without making our way to the magisterial texts.

If you couldn’t make it this week, you’re more than welcome in future weeks. Also be sure to vote on-line for future topics.

Lastly, here are the slides from last night’s presentation, given the introductory nature of the class, the slides are equally lacking in substance, but if anyone is interested, I wanted to make them available.

March 2, 2017 Presentation Slides

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