After talking with various people in my various parishes and ministries, I’ve decided I’ll try posting some short (1-2 paragraph) daily reflections. No guarantees on my consistency or quality, but I thought, if some are asking, it’s worth giving a shot.

Today’s readings are found here.


What strikes me about the crowd is that they can only see the woman for her sins, they allow themselves to define this woman by her sins only. She is not a human being, a beloved child of God, even a neighbor or a friend, rather she is just an adulteress, nothing more, nothing less.

Do we do the same with others? Perhaps it’s loved one, spouse, child, or co-worker, we allow ourselves to define that person only by their faults, failings, or annoying habits. We cannot see past their sins or mistakes. However, Christ sees beyond this woman’s sins, he sees the whole person, loved by God. So too we are called to do the same. Like Christ, it doesn’t mean we have to like the sin, for he tells her to sin no more, but can we see the whole person, not just the sin? God does not look at you or me and define us only by our sins, so in today’s Gospel, Christ reminds us that we should follow his example and not fall into the temptation to define others only by their sin. We are not saying the sin is ok, but rather that by defining someone as a human being, a beloved child of God, called to holiness and capable of being transformed by God’s mericiful love, there is hope. Whereas when we only define others by there sins, where is hope?

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