At the behest of various people I encounter in my ministry, yesterday I began sharing daily reflections. Normally, but not always, they will be based on the readings for the Mass of the day.

Today’s readings can be found here.


Believe it or not we are now in the 5th week of Lent. We’ve made it through the bulk of it, but we’re not quite done yet. Perhaps you feel like the Israelites in today’s first reading, you want to say to God, “You’ve brought us on this journey, but where are the fruits of my lenten disciplines and sacrifices? I’m still stuck in this spiritual desert, where is this journey taking me?”
Just like the Israelites we can keep complaining, or even just give up. The Israelites were given the opportunity to gaze upon the Seraph, next week, Holy Week, we will be given the opportunity to gaze upon the cross, and it too will give us life. So stay strong! Hang in there! The best is yet to come.

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