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In some ways, today’s gospel starts off a little too casual for me, “The Jews picked up rocks to stone Jesus…” As if it’s no big deal that these people were ready to stone, and therefore, kill Jesus. If you or I were in front of a crowd that picked up rocks and was ready to stone us, how would you react? Would you run? Would you fight back? Beg for mercy and give in to whatever it is they wanted? Instead, Jesus asks them a question. He then goes on to defend himself and his identity as the Son of God.

While we may not face stoning everyday, how do we treat those who think differently than us? How do we react when people attack or argue against the faith? Perhaps we ought to strive to model our response after that of Jesus. We shouldn’t deny, shirk or hide from our faith, nor should we go into some sort of combative all out attack mode. Rather, can we, with confidence and charity, be willing to ask questions? Is asking questions an appropriate first step towards reaching out and sharing our faith with others? I think we’d be wise to follow the example of Jesus in today’s gospel…

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