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When was the last time you welcomed someone into your home? Do you frequently host guests, or that a rare and special occasion? Do you prepare differently for different guests or different occasions such as holidays? What about when guests show up unexpectedly? What would you do if you were told someone important was coming?

Now imagine you are the “certain man,” in today’s Gospel. You are just told Jesus is coming to dine at your home for Passover. Jesus sends some of his disciples ahead to warn the man. I mean, think about you, you hear a knock on your door and these guys tell you, “oh no big deal, the Son of God is coming over for dinner next week, just thought you might want a heads up?”

Wouldn’t that make you freak out? Would you drop everything to immediately drop everything in order to begin cleaning every square inch, so that it’s perfect before our Savior arrives? If you’re like me, you pay extra attention in cleaning before your mother comes for a visit, so what about Jesus?

The reality is that while the disciples may not be knocking on our physical door anytime soon, every time we go to Mass they knock on our spiritual door. Christ so deeply desires to enter into the home that is our soul. Think about what we say at Mass right before receiving communion, the very presence of Christ, “Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof…”

So just as we clean for anytime guests come over for a visit, especially when they are important, so too it is true for Christ entering into us. It is for this reason that it is good to go confession frequently, and certainly before receiving communion if we are in a state of mortal sin. Even if we are not in a state of sin, we can heed this need for preparation by arriving a few minutes early to pray before Mass so we are less distracted, less cluttered as we enter into the celebration. Christ desires to celebrate this great feast in the spiritual home of our soul, like the man in the Gospel we need to hear the warning of the disciples and make sure our home is prepared to receive the Son of God.

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