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Sorry for not getting this posted in the morning. The excuse should be obvious. Happy Easter!

So many things have been said and will be said about the importance of Easter and the Resurrection. We can and will spend our lifetime contemplating the Paschal Mystery.

So for today let me leave you with this simple thought: Every Sunday is Easter Sunday. Every Sunday we celebrate the Resurrection when we go to Mass. Every time we celebrate Mass we experience the Paschal Mystery we have just spent three days celebrating. In a particular way, every Sunday is another Resurrection Day.

So if during this Lent you’ve been growing in your faith, Or you’ve been struggling and just showed up to Church today, every Sunday you can celebrate the Resurrection. For those that participate more frequently, how do we approach the other Sundays of the year? With the same joy and excitement of Easter? Why not? Why only get dressed up on Easter and only spend time with family on Easter? Could we not try doing that every Sunday? At least the next few weeks of the year that we call Easter season.

Once again, Happy Easter! Christ is Risen! Alleluia!

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