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Just like yesterday, today we continue with the resurrection accounts. Comparing today’s scene between Jesus and Mary Magdelene with today’s first reading from Pentecost helps us to better understand the relationship between faith and reason.

In the Gospel, Mary is distraught, so much so that she can’t even recognize Jesus. It is only when he calls her by name that she is able to see him. The way he said her name is what tipped her off that it really was Jesus. This is because she a deeply personal and intimate relationship with Jesus. He desires the same for you and me. What brings her to faith, to believe is a relationship and encounter with Christ.

In the first reading, Peter is preaching to the crowds. These will become some of the first Christians who did not know Jesus personally when he was walking on Earth. What leads them to believe? The testimony of Peter. Specifically it mentions that Peter made many arguments in defense or explanation of Christ. It is because of these arguments, this logic, or reason, that these people come to believe.

We see the crowds, and Mary Magdelene, who both believe in Jesus, but from different perspectives or motives. It is not that one group has faith and the other, reason. They both have faith and reason, as do you and I. It is not an either or, we are called to cultivate both gifts. We can have both a deeply personal and intimate relationship with God, and use our minds to better understand God, the Gospels, and the teachings of the Church. The readings today demonstrate not only our need for both but also different people will come to Christ through different means or motives.

How do I understand the relationship between faith and reason? What do I need to do to cultivate these gifts?

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