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One argument I sometimes hear against Christianity is this supposed dichotomy between the God of the Old Tesatament and the God of the New Testament. Some use this supposed dichotomy to not believe at all in Christ, others to say they only believe in the New Testament. What strikes me even more is that many not only state these conclusions, but also add that said conclusions are a product of their progressive, developed, 21st century reasoning. Yet, the reality is that this kind of separation of the Old and New Testaments goes back to the 2nd century. Marcion was the leader of this kind of thinking. St. Irenaues responded to him at the time and it is abundantly clear that the Apostles and earliest Christians saw no separation between God in the Old and New Testament.

Today’s Gospel provides such proof as it recounts how Jesus himself explained the connection between the two Testaments. So when we make this false separation we begin to start picking and choosing which of Christ’s words to follow. However, when we do that, we simultaneously weaken any claim we hold in the teachings we do choose to follow. I also order what we are saying about our brothers and sisters of Jewish faith when we take such a dismissive attitude towards the Old Testament? I’m not saying it is easy to understand everything in the Old Testament, but today’s Gospel reminds us that we are to Christ not as separate from the Old Testament, but rather as it’s fulfillment, he is the fullness of revelation. In that sense he also becomes the hermeunetic key by which we as Christians are meant to read and understand the Old Testament. In this regard we are merely following the example set fort by the Apostles in today’s Gospel.

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