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When people ak me my favorite Bible verse, I like to joke that it comes from today’s Gospel, because we see that even Jesus like to BBQ, and that he uses charcoal, not gas. 

Today in the Gospel Jesus invites his disciples to, “come have breakfast.” It’s a very simple request. I also believe it’s a very simple first step towards solving some of our problems today.

For one our society seems more and more divided across ideological lines, both sides seem to fall into the trap of generalizing and demonizing the other side. It’s as if we have to hate the other in order to be stronger in our own beliefs. We end Facebook frienships because we disagree. Today Christ demonstrates for us a first step towards healing this divide. Can’t we at least sit down together and have breakfast? Is that too much to ask anymore?

I also recognize however that disciples in today’s Gospel were not Jesus’ opponents, they were friends. So perhaps another way we can see this Gospel is in healing broken relationships. Whether they be in the family or friends. Sometimes we grow distant either intentionally because of some painful action or in other cases for no reason at all. As time passes it becomes harder and harder to pick up the phone and reconcile. Perhaps it’s just ask simple as a harmless breakfast that can begin a process of healing.

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