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Sorry I’ve been on the road and our parish in Milan had it’s big V Encuentro workshop all day today. Due to the Encuentro Mass, I actually wrote two homilies for today. What follows below is a small portion of one of the homilies. Maybe if I ever have time, I will be able to type them up and post them too.


Paul VI once wrote, “If you want peace, work for justice.” That quote was used as a very influential part of my faith journey in high school when I was involved in several service immersion trips.

Today I’d like to propose a twist, “If you want peace, work for mercy.” In the case of Paul VI he is talking about peace in society, a wonderful thing indeed. Today I am talking about peace in your heart. When things don’t go our way, or when we make mistakes, sin, when we get angry with others, we lack peace in our heart. Today the Church celebrates Divine Mercy Sunday, a reminder that the point of last week’s Easter celebrations were an act of merciful love geared towards our salvation. If we want peace in our hearts, God has already given us the great gift of confession, Christ gives this power to the Apostles in today’s Gospel. He doesn’t tell them only to forgive during Lent and Advent, he tells them to forgive. There is no need for us to wait either. So if we desire peace in our hearts, we must work for mercy.

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