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“When were you born again?” That’s a question we as Catholics hear sometimes from our Protestant brothers and sisters. In today’s Gospel, Christ speaks of our need for a sort of rebirth in the Spirit. Some Catholics tell me they don’t know how to respond when someone asks them “When were you born again?”. For us the answer is simple: Baptism. For it is in Baptism that we die to this life and rise to new life in Christ. (N.B. – This is why it’s good to know the date of your baptism, and celebrate it every year.)

In some cases, in my experience, if you answer with the date of your baptism, and your baptism took place when you were an infant, there will be a follow up question. It sounds something like this, “Ok, but when did you accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior?” Our simple answer: Every time we receive the Eucharist. Every time we say “Amen,” to the Body of Christ, we are renewing and professing our faith in Jesus Christ as our Savior who died on the Cross and rose from the dead for our sins.

So the next time you are asked these questions, hopefully you’ll be a little bit more prepared to respond. You can see that is not that we as Catholics aren’t born again or that we fail to claim Jesus as our Lord, we do. The way we do these things is through the Sacraments, which was the way that the Apostles established as they understood the teachings and commands of Christ.


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