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As I mentioned yesterday, the men and women who make up the Church have not always, nor will we never be perfect, it is by the power of the Holy Spirit that the Church continues. It is however, our job to cooperate with that same Spirit. At times, to take an image from today’s gospel, we can see the storms all around and even inside the Church. In fact the image of the Church as a boat has its origins in Apostolic era. When we see those storms we can become nervous and afraid, like the Apostles in today’s gospel. It can be tempting to want to jump ship, or completely change the ship. To reform it from the outside.

Today’s saint, St. Catherine of Siena, becomes another witness to today’s gospel teaching us that if we desire a proper reform and purification of the Church, it must come from within. She didn’t seek to start her own Church, but rather to call her to greater fidelity to the Apostolic mission she received from Christ.

Recently a young man was giving a talk in one of my parishes and he noted, “the Church doesn’t need me, it doesn’t need you. I need the Church, you need the Church.” How are we cooperating with the Holy Spirit which sustains the Church on Earth?

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