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The story of the disciples on the road to Emmaus is quite rich. So much could be said about different elements of the story. The other day I focused on doubt, today I’d like to shift to a different line.

“Stay with us…” the disciples ask Jesus. On one hand we can see just how he has fullfilled this request throughout the history of the Church. This is accompanied with our cooperation, following the example of the saints.

On a more personal note, we see how his has fulfilled this request through his presence in the Eucharist. Even to this day he stays with us, in Tabernacles all around the world. He stays with us, do we want to stay with him? How often do we make a visit to our local parish and spend time with our Lord? It isn’t necessary that the parish offers Adoration, you can still pay Jesus a visit, present in the Tabernacle.

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