A little late this week compiling these links. See the end for the reason why.

One of the fun things for me to do on a Sunday afternoon or Monday morning is to see all of my brother priests who studied in Rome with me post their homilies. It’s amazing to see both the similarities in some cases and completely different perspectives on the same readings in other cases.

Fr. Royce Gregerson was a classmate of mine, a fellow foodie, good friend and is a priest of the Diocese of Fort Wayne – South Bend, Indiana. Here’s his homily on the nature of true love.

Fr. Darin Schmidt was also a classmate of mine from the Diocese of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Here’s his homily on putting on the mind of Christ.

Fr. Ryan Browning was a two years ahead of me and is a priest of the Diocese of Rockford, Illinois. Here’s his homily which begins with a reference to this classic from Tina Turner.

Fr. Taylor Reynolds is a priest of the Diocese of Alexandria, Louisiana. He was a year ahead of me in seminary and is now back for further studies and living with me again. Since he too doesn’t have a parish at the moment, over the weekend he took time to reflect on preparations for Halloween and All Saints Day.

Lastly, I was on retreat this weekend in Avezzano, Italy, with a large group of Italian young adults and high schoolers. We had an amazing time together. I was grateful for the invitation from the Apostles of the Sacred Heart. It’s an ongoing series of retreats called, Oasis of Joy. So many great insights on young adult and youth ministry to hopefully bring back to the USA some day. This is all a very nice and long excuse to point out that I didn’t record a video reflection for Sunday as I was on the road returning from the retreat and there were some unforeseen delays getting back.

Here’s a photo of this definitely joyful group:


 As always, it’s amazing to see despite us all looking at the same readings, we come up with so many different reflections.

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