One of the fun things for me to do on a Sunday afternoon or Monday morning is to see all of my brother priests who studied in Rome with me post their homilies. It’s amazing to see both the similarities in some cases and completely different perspectives on the same readings in other cases.

Fr. Royce Gregerson was a classmate of mine, a fellow foodie, good friend and is a priest of the Diocese of Fort Wayne – South Bend, Indiana. Here’s his homily on our reverence for the Eucharist and it’s consequences on our conduct in Church.

Fr. Ryan Browning was a two years ahead of me and is a priest of the Diocese of Rockford, Illinois. Here’s his homily on our relationship with authority and truth.

Lastly, here is my video reflection for this week. It’s an analogy on the spiritual life and one of my favorite hobbies, BBQ.

As always, it’s amazing to see despite us all looking at the same readings, we come up with so many different reflections.

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