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Earlier this week I finally decided to try a project I’d thought about for many years. It’s what I’m calling, “Praising the Press.” Looking at well done stories by secular press about the Catholic Church.

This edition comes from the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel:

Catholic Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend’s large priest ordination class part of a growing interest by young people in religious life

In my reading, there two parts to this article. The first on the state of vocations, why young people are joining the priesthood today. The second speaks to the seminary process by which one becomes a priest.

As regards the first point what I appreciate about the article is that the reporter takes time to listen to the arguments made by the priest regarding some of the factors leading to an increase in vocations. There have been other examples, this very week of reporters who rather chose to stick to their own storyline or narrative regarding the vocations crisis, instead of listening to those on the front lines.

To the second part of the article about the formation process, I believe there are a few points worth commending. The first is just the fact that the process is outlined and explained. So many reporters seem to skip over this as if priests just fell from the sky. Furthermore, the depth of explaining the process particularly in regards to the scrutinies and evaluations is valuable information to be included. Those kinds of details show some of the steps the Church is taking towards developing a healthier, holier next generation of priests.

If you see any other good articles in the secular press about the Catholic Church, please send them my way.

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