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For this edition of “Praising the Press“, an article from the fashion website: While so far this series (for a reminder on its purpose, read this post) has focused on articles published by local newspapers, I also would like to include national and digital secular news sources.


I love the decision of the author to begin with quotes and perspective from Leah Darrow. Why? She is a sort of bridge between the two most likely audiences reading this article, fashionistas and Catholics. Furthermore, she has a reputation, and therefore some sort of authority in both camps. By building this bridge with Darrow, the author opens up dialogue to build upon.

In crossing this bridge the author moves on to interview a variety of other young Catholic women. One point to be made here is the value of getting the perspective of these various women on their experience of veiling, faith, and theology. It is a very good thing that the voices of these women are heard. This is much better than say, interviewing some priest as a theological expert.

Furthermore, in listening to the voices of these women, the author establishes a fair dialectic between their perspective and what might be the perspective of someone approaching this practice from afar. The value here is in the fairness of considering both perspectives instead of dismissing the experience, opinion or perspective of the women.

Lastly, the author is fair in recognizing some of the demographic limitations of this practice. This is important because it prevents the article from painting with too broad of a brush stroke and therefore giving a false impression of the reality of practice of veiling within the Church.

If you see any other well done articles about the Catholic Church in secular news sources, please send them my way for future editions of “Praising the Press.

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