Having completed weeks on Faith and Reason, and various topics associated with Revelation, the class enters it’s final phase and week.

In the next week there will be two sessions. The first on Monday December 3rd will look at “Understanding Jesus Today.” The later session will be a follow up of sorts on “Understanding Mary Today.”

As for the readings for this session on Understanding Jesus Today, they come from one document. This document is not magisterial text of the Church, but rather was put together by a group of theologians who consult the Vatican, known as the International Theological Commission.

The document is titled, “The Consciousness of Christ Concerning Himself and His Mission.” The document was written in 1985, which gets us fairly close to the “Today” portion of the session title. To read the entire document click here. I have cut out the introduction and methodological sections to just give you all the meat. This looks at four questions, which we will examine on Monday.

  1. Jesus’ understanding of being the Son of God the Father
  2. Jesus’ understanding of his mission
  3. Jesus’ understanding of his founding the Church
  4. Jesus’ understanding of his love for all

The text is full of citations from Sacred Scripture, so I highly recommend having a Bible in hand when you sit down to read the text.

Reading Packet: Understanding Jesus Today (Click link to download the .pdf)

See you all Monday evening!

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