Incredible that this quick course is already coming to an end. Thank you to all who have attended even just one session. I hope that everyone has learned at least something about their Catholic faith.

For this last session, my new class coincides with an older IC parish tradition, the Advent Soup Supper. So while the format of the class in terms of discussion and lecture will remain about the same to previous weeks, this week there will be soup! Many thanks to the education commission for their hard work providing drinks for all the sessions and organizing the soups for tomorrow night.

As for the topic, “Understanding Mary Today,” it is chosen because prior to the session, we will celebrate the parish’s patronal feast, that of the Immaculate Conception.

As such, I have put together a packet of readings spanning from 374 A.D. up to Vatican II of texts pertaining to some of the key teachings of the Church regarding Mary, in particular her Immaculate Conception. Through these readings, and the class, we will see the beautiful interconnectedness of different teachings of the Church about Mary and how she lived them out in her life.

Understanding Mary Today: Reading Packet (Click the link to download the .pdf packet)

See you all tomorrow night! Mass is at 5:30 in Church, and the class immediately following.

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