The Meaning of the Bishop’s Coat of Arms and Episcopal Motto

Here’s the final video in the catechetical series on the nature and role of the bishop in the Catholic Church. This one was intentionally delayed until the ordination and installation of our new bishop last week.

This video is done by Chris Korte, the director of the Newman center in Kirksville, Mo. He’s also in the permanent diaconate formation program, and thus was one of my students a few years ago.

What’s the Relationship of A Bishop With His Priests and Deacons?

Continuing my diocese’s catechetical series on the nature and role of a bishop, I now share the second video.

This video deals with the question:

  1. What’s the Relationship of A Bishop With His Priests and Deacons?

The video is done by Fr. Daniel Merz, a former professor and good friend and mentor of mine, he even preached at my first Mass as a priest. His advanced studies are in the area of liturgy.



What is a Diocese and How is A Bishop Selected?

In anticipation of the ordination of Bishop-Elect McKnight, my diocese has put together a series of catechetical videos on the nature and role of a bishop. The first few have been released, I will be contributing a video later in the series.

The first video looks two questions:

  1. What is a diocese?
  2. How is a bishop selected?

This video is done by Fr. Dylan Schrader, a fellow priest of the diocese and good friend. Fr. Schrader is currently working on his doctorate in addition to serving in a few parishes in our diocese.



Church & State: Adult Ed Resources – 25 May 2017

This week we change gears significantly and enter the final section of this series of Catholic adult faith formation titled, “The Church in the Modern World.

This final section of the class will focus on the relationship between the Church and the State. This week we will begin with the foundation of the relationship between Church and State. In the coming weeks we will address a series of specific topics.

This week’s readings can be found below. They come from the Catechism and Pope Benedict XVI’s encyclical, Deus Caritas Est.

Reading Packet: Church and State

The paragraphs from the Catechism are as follows:

CCC 1880, 1883, 18971912, 2372, 2431, 2498-2499

LGBT Response: Adult Ed Resources – 11 May 2017

Due to the sensitivity of this week’s topic, I wanted to take a little bit more time in selecting the texts, it was indeed a very difficult task. This is because one one hand, the Church has said quite a bit on these topics, and there’s lots of material to scour, and on the other hand, how to distill them down in a way which still manages to touch on the many aspects of these complex issues.

With that being said here is my introductory reading packet on this topic:

Reading Packet: LGBT Response

You will note the readings come from a variety of Popes, as well as the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith and more locally, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

I highly recommend taking the time to read the entirety of the two documents from the CDF and USCCB. Direct links can be found here:

I also highly recommend reviewing the foundational material from Theology of the Body.

Contraception & NFP: Adult Ed Resources – 4 May 2017

After discussing the broad principles of John Paul II’s Theology of the Body in our last class, this week we begin to focus on one specific application of that teaching.

This week we will discuss both the Church’s stance on artificial contraceptives and conversely, Natural Family Planning. Here are the readings for this week:

Reading Packet: Contraception & NFP

The bulk come from Paul VI’s encyclical, Humanae Vitae.

Furthermore there are two other documents from John Paul II, Familiaris Consortio and Gratissimam Sane.  I highly recommend reading all of these documents in their entirety, for the sake of brevity, I have selected a few passages from each to compose the reading packet.

See you on May 4th at 7:00 PM at the Activity Building at Sacred Heart in Columbia.

For past topics, click here.

April 20, 2017 Presentation Slides – Theology of the Body

Many thanks to all who came out last week to hear about Theology of the Body. I hope it was a fruitful discussion and presentation.

As always, I wanted to post my presentation slides and other materials for those who were unable to attend or who are interested.

For those that missed them last week, here are the resources I provided on Theology of the Body:

Theology of the Body Resources

Here are the presentation slides:

April 20, 2017 Presentation

Also, if you are looking for more resources on Theology of the Body, the best list of resources can be found here, on the web site of Sr. Helena Burns, FSP.