CNS Examination of Conscience for Graduates

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Earlier this spring I wrote another column for Catholic News Service. This time it wasn’t so much of a column or reflection, but rather a guide for prayer and reflection. It is meant to specifically guide recent graduates (from high school or college) through there experiences of transition and to understand the role their faith life and God play during those moments.

Check it out here via the Diocese of Wilmington’s newspaper, The Dialog.

Examination of conscience for graduates

Vocation story published

A month ago I was contacted by a former colleague from my first stint at CNS as an intern. At the time she was an assistant editor, now she is busy raising her young family and works part time with Peanut Butter & Grace.

Peanut Butter & Grace is a web site and social media conglomerate seeking to provide parents with practical ways to pass on the faith to their children.

Later this week, they will be releasing my first video as a part of a new series “Brick by Brick with Father Brooke.”

In anticipation of the release of the series and on the occasion of the the World Day of Prayer for Vocations, I also shared my vocation story on their Web site.

Unlike my column with Catholic News Service in the fall, which also provided practical tips for promoting a culture of vocations, this article is exclusively my vocation story.

CNS column on humility

During Lent I wrote a column for CNS on the virtue of humility within the context of Lent. Specifically I tied those two themes to the modern usage of social media. My goal was to look at how social media affects our understanding of humility. Lastly, I provided some tips for how to overcome some of those related struggles.

Here’s a link to the column, published by the Boston Pilot.

CNS column on Confession

As a part of the “Faith Alive” catechetical series on the sacraments I was asked by Catholic News Service to write about the sacrament of confession / penance / reconciliation.

After reviewing the Catechism paragraphs, I was inspired by a quote (found in the article) by St. Jerome about going to the doctor. I decided to take a spin on that and use an analogy of dentistry with going to confession.

Here’s the result:


A related piece I originally posted on this blog:

“7 Tips for a good a good confession”



CNS Column on Vocations

This Web site was initially launched in the summer of 2008, when I was an intern at Catholic News Service. I created the site to post the articles I was writing for Catholic News Service as they were published in various Catholic news sources around the world.

Several years later, I’m grateful that the good folks at CNS have asked me to begin writing for them again. I’ve started to write columns on occasion for them.

My first contribution was written back in November on vocations. (I apologize for not posting this sooner.)

I recently wrote another column on confession. I can’t link to it until I find it published in digital form of one of the many diocesan newspapers around the country. When that happens, I’ll add a link here.

Field trip and refugee presentation

On Wednesday we took another field trip for my class on Catholic social doctrine. The last time, we visited the Pontifical Council for Peace and Justice. This time we visited a center for helping refugees, known as, “Centro Astalli.” We received a tour of their facility and learned about their programs. They serve meals, teach Italian, and provide medical and legal assistance to refugees who find themselves in Rome. After visiting the facility that seeks to respond to the crisis of refugees on a local, pastoral level, we made our way to a classroom for a presentation. The presentation was on the work of the international organization, Jesuit Refugee Services. The organization seeks to respond to the crisis on an international level. They have facilities like the one we visited in Rome all over the world. They also help to get people out of dangerous situations and provide legal assistance. Lastly, they also seek to work against some of the root causes that have created the crisis. Given that the Jesuits were already over the world when Jesuit Refugee Services was founded, they were able to establish an international network. Different countries, including the USA, have other organizations associated with the nation’s episcopal conference. When I worked at CNS, in the USCCB building, I had the opportunity to meet many people who worked with Migration and Refugee Services at the USCCB.

This was not the first time I have attended a workshop/conference/presentation on refugees. However, this time there was a different feel to the experience. That difference was created by the crowd, my classmates. In the past when I attended presentations of this nature, in the USA, all or at least, the overwhelming majority, of those present came from America. This time it was very different, as I’ve mentioned before there are approximately 140 students in my class who come from around 40 different countries. The woman leading the presentation spoke of various situations in different countries around the world, whether they be countries dealing with conflict, or countries where refugees were arriving. All of these situations and conflicts touched all of us in very different ways. That is to say as she rattled off countries, there was often someone from those very places. It made conflicts and difficult situations that often seem so far away, much closer. Instead of several thousand miles away, they were just two rows in front or behind me. What a blessed learning experience indeed.

Found some old stuff

There have been tons of posts to God, Media and More as well as the RNA Conference Blog, I will put together a full list of the posts later, but while that is developing here are two articles from this summer that I have found but were never posted here.

Catholic News Service


Sorry folks for the lack of updating. I have had some stories published by CNS since my last post, these are stories that I finished before leaving (obviously) and were published after leaving CNS. I have also had some stuff published on God, Media and More as well.

Now that I am back in a routine, posting here will become more frequent once again.

Catholic News Service

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