Clelian Clip #11: On Miracles and Churches

“Since God made so many promises in the ancient Temple, shouldn’t we also have hope for the prayers we now make in our Churches before the Throne of Grace, established that all might find help and mercy? Jesus Christ is waiting for us, calling us, inviting us to ask Him with confidence for all that we desire, and He promises to hear us.” – Book 13 – Ven. Clelia Merloni

Clelian Clip #8: On smiling and listening

Here’s my 8th video in the Clelian Clip series. This week reflecting on the need to smile and listen in relation to charity.

Practice charity with a sweet and serene look, with an affable air, with sweet and cordial words. Use an indulgent charity, always taking all that is said in a good way and interpreting it favorably, excusing others even at your own expense as far as prudence permits.

Book 7, Chapter 21

Clelian Clip #7: On perfection and charity

In this video I reflect on an experience on a service immersion trip to the Mexico/USA border back in high school to ask how we must overcome our prejudices in order to be able to share the love of Christ.

Remember that mutual tolerance is part of the precept of charity. These two things are so bound to each other that without mutual suffering, charity would be impossible, and it would be necessary to cancel this precept from the Gospel because every person on earth has his or her own defects and imperfections. There are no angels except in heaven.
Book 7, Chapter 20 

Clelian Clip #6: On Reparation and Charity

Here’s another Clelian Clip. This time focusing on Ven. Clelia’s understanding of reparation and charity.

Here’s the quote:

Now just as in the human body, when one member suffers all other members suffer. If the foot is wounded, the arm reaches out to it, the knee bends, the eye quickly looks at the foot to see it and the other members mobilize to help it. So, too, true charity gives us a tender and compassionate heart toward all those who suffer.

Book 7, Chapter 17

Here’s my reflection: