Talking Genie and God with the Morning Air Show

This morning I spoke with the Morning Air Show on Relevant Radio to discuss the first installment of “Brick by Brick with Fr. Brooke” on Peanut Butter & Grace.

We had a great discussion teasing out some the points I originally made about believing in a “Genie” God and it’s relation to “Genie parenting.” in the “Brick by Brick” episode.

To listen to our discussion, go to the 24:00 minute mark of the audio file from the Morning Air Show program.

[Source: Relevant Radio]


How Can I Teach Kids God Is Not a Genie?

Recently a former colleague from Catholic News Service reached out to me about collaborating with Peanut Butter & Grace, a Catholic media company which produces content for families.

Thus the new series, “Brick by Brick with Fr. Brooke” was launched. In the series I’ll attempt to help parents teach the Catholic faith to their children.

In this first episode I wrestled with the following question:

How Can I Teach Kids God Is Not a Genie?

Here’s the video answer:

Here’s an accompanying article I wrote as well.

It’s a new project, so it will take time to grow and develop. If you found this answer useful, please consider sharing the video. It’s also on Facebook, FYI.


Vocation story published

A month ago I was contacted by a former colleague from my first stint at CNS as an intern. At the time she was an assistant editor, now she is busy raising her young family and works part time with Peanut Butter & Grace.

Peanut Butter & Grace is a web site and social media conglomerate seeking to provide parents with practical ways to pass on the faith to their children.

Later this week, they will be releasing my first video as a part of a new series “Brick by Brick with Father Brooke.”

In anticipation of the release of the series and on the occasion of the the World Day of Prayer for Vocations, I also shared my vocation story on their Web site.

Unlike my column with Catholic News Service in the fall, which also provided practical tips for promoting a culture of vocations, this article is exclusively my vocation story.