Only Noticing The Negative – 9.19.18 – Daily Mass

Why is it that so often we only notice the negative in others? We miss the goodness right before us. When we look in the mirror we only see our problems, our defects, we miss that we are beloved children of God.

N.B. – I gave this homily twice this morning, while this recording comes from the version at Immaculate Conception Church, I also gave one very similar (added Instagram reference) at Helias Catholic High School.

What Gifts Has God Given You? – 9.18.18 – Daily Mass

Today’s reflection is on the kind of questions we ask children about what they want to do with their lives. Perhaps instead we should be asking them, “What gifts has God given you? How do you plan on using those gifts? How do you plan on giving them back?

Tried a slightly different technique again in recording the homily today. The journalist in me is always trying to play with different technologies, methods of generating and producing content.