Daily Reflection: 11 April 2017

Today’s readings can be found here.


On Palm Sunday and Good Friday we hear the entire Passion narrative. In these days in between we are blessed with the opportunity to slow down and unpack the stories of the Last Supper. Yesterday, we heard about Mary wiping the feet of Jesus with her hair.  Today we see Jesus interacting with two of his disciples, Judas and Peter.

Christ’s conversation with Peter is representative of our experience of the spiritual and moral life. On one hand we , like Peter, are filled with a great desire to grow in our faith, to love and to serve God, to learn about him, to even go on mission, or pilgrimage, we go to Mass, pray, and so much more out of our zeal for God. Yet, at the same time, also like Peter, we sin, we doubt, we deny, we fail. When we face our failures and brokenness, it can get us down, make us wonder why we even have this faith and zeal for Christ? Today’s Gospel, or better yet, knowing what comes later, fills us with hope. For despite Peter’s denial of Christ, we know he goes on to use that zeal to do great things. So today’s Gospel encourages us not to lose hope or zeal, that in spite of our weaknesses, if we are repentent, we continue to live out our life of faith, and then God will do amazing things in and through us.