Why did I chose to rename this site “Stop Running” as opposed to “Geoffrey A. Brooke Jr.’s Portfolio”?

First, because shortly after my decision to apply for the seminary, I was on a retreat where I heard a seminarian suggest that instead of praying to God “Please show me my vocation” rather, one should pray “God if this is not what you want me to be doing, stop me.” This gentleman, like me and many others, ran from his vocation for some time. Ever since I heard that, and since I stopped running from God’s call, I have been saying that prayer and God has only brought me a great sense of peace and happiness in regards to my decision.

While that retreat took place after I had made the decision to enter seminary, the key was that the words of that seminarian (now also priest, and a friend), articulated what I had experienced in the previous months.

For years growing up I wanted to be a sports journalist. I was blessed to write for my local hometown newspaper while still in high school. When I first began thinking of the priesthood at the age of 18, I wanted nothing to do with it at all. So instead I tried to become a religion journalist. That is when this site was originally created, to share my writing in the religion journalism field. I was blessed with great opportunities at a young age. Eventually, I had to ask, “Was I having this success because I was meant to be a religion journalist, or because I was a afraid, running from the priesthood?” When I came to realize it was the later, I had to stop running, and enter seminary. That journey eventually led me to Conception Seminary College and to Rome where I lived at the Pontifical North American College and studied at the Pontifical Gregorian University. So this web site serves to share the fruits of my experiences since I’ve stopped running, hence the title, Stop Running.

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  1. Thanks for sharing that prayer. I tried to use it at mass earlier today but I forgot the words and when I tried to look for your blog, was upset to find I couldn’t find it. Glad I found this blog now. Will be using it my prayers. God bless you for sharing it.

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